Christmas Door Decorating

Dec 06 2012

Christmas is in the air at Kellenberg Memorial High School. This past Monday, December 3, students took an hour off of their regular schedules to bring a Christmas atmosphere to the school. Each student joined their homeroom at the conclusion of classes for the day, and together as a homeroom family they all decorate their rooms as well as the door to the classroom which is decorated according to the chosen theme. Walking down the hallways is as if one is walking down a holiday runway. This year, themes range from homeroom 12K’s the, “Estrella [Star] of Bethlehem,” to room 10J’s theme of, “Jesus’ Family Tree.” The doors typically hold a spiritual effect, but some, like Mr. Bursig and his homeroom 11K displayed a historical rendition of Santa’s reindeer depicted as U.S. presidents.

Every year it is announced on the morning announcements which homeroom has the best door and which has the best decorated room. Judges walk around critiquing creativity, originality, neatness, and overall presentation. This is certainly an honor, to be rewarded for the most school and the most Christmas spirit.