Freshman/Sophomore CROSS Saint Reflection By Thomas Greco

Dec 23 2013

St. John of Kanty was an extraordinary man. He was born in a small town in Poland in 1390, where he earned many college degrees, but he devoted his life to the Catholic Church. John of Kanty is known as a saint who had a good sense of humor and was very determined. He even made pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem both by foot! John of Kanty was beatified in Rome in 1676. He was later named patron of Poland. John of Kanty’s feast day was originally October 29th, but it was later moved to December 23rd. One interesting fact about St. John of Kanty is that he passed away on Christmas Eve, and that is why his feast day was moved from October 20th to December 23rd, signifying the day before his passing. Another interesting fact about St. John of Kanty is that he once gave a beggar a large amount of food on the street, asking for no “thank you” response from the man. This man was truly amazing, but there is one notable, negative event of his lifetime. While teaching in a college, Kanty was falsely accused of crime and was kicked out of his university, but he overcame this bump in the road, which made him an even better priest and scholar. John of Kanty’s determination and will power should be an example set for all.


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