Girls JV Volleyball Donates School Supplies to Hurricane Joaquin Victims

Oct 13 2015


Article by Katie Sweeney ’18:

On October 12, 2015, Kellenberg’s Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball Team took a trip to Staples to buy supplies for the people who were affected by Hurricane Joaquin. As a team, they decided to contribute money and buy school supplies for the kids who lost everything in South Carolina. School supplies may sound unimportant, but Long Islanders who lost nearly everything in Hurricane Sandy know how important the little things are.

Upon arriving at Staples, the team split up into groups and were tasked with finding the supplies that would best contribute to the kids’ education. The team was astonished by the number of materials they had collected, ranging from pens and pencils to glue sticks and rulers. Each team member contributed $10 for the supplies, and it really went a long way!

The team packed up all the items and sent them to Christ Central Ministries in Columbus, South Carolina. When the ministry gets the donations, they will send them to the affected schools and the kids who need them the most.

The situation in South Carolina is all too similar to that in Long Island, nearly three years ago. Hurricane Sandy negatively impacted the lives of so many New Yorkers; Kellenberg’s network of support was influential in getting families back on their feet. The Junior Varsity Volleyball Team only feels grateful that they were able to contribute to people going through the same hardships that they faced. I was so delighted my team got a chance to pay-it-forward.