Health Sciences Club Attends Pharmaceutical Presentation

Jan 06 2017

Kellenberg Memorial Alumni Glenn O’Kane ’90 and Julia Galea ’10 give first STEM presentation of 2017.

The first STEM activity for 2017 was an informative discussion about the field of pharmacy presented by two Kellenberg Memorial alumni.  Mr. Glenn O’Kane ’90 and Ms. Julia Galea ’10 discussed the various career paths in the field of pharmacy including retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, research and entrepreneurial pathways.  Students attending the discussion learned that pharmacists serve as a vital link between doctors and patients. Since she recently graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Northeastern University, Ms. Galea was able to educate students about the coursework and clinical rotations required to complete a six-year degree in pharmacy. Mr. O’Kane impressed upon the students the fine attention to detail required to be a pharmacist, as well as, the importance of good communication skills with other medical professionals and the general public.