Julia Lawless & Kerrin O'Grady Finish On Top at Latin School Math Bee

Apr 26 2017

On Tuesday, April 25, the Latin School gathered for their annual Math Bee.  Thirty-two contestants (one winner and one runner-up from each of the Latin School Math classes) were ready to meet the challenges of mental calculation.  The competition was extremely fierce with many students giving immediate answers to difficult problems.  The moderators were even put to the test to find questions that could challenge the participants!

As the audience waited in suspense and expressed support for their favorite contestants, one student emerged victorious over all: Julia Lawless!  Julia was able to answer every question put to her without hesitation showing remarkable mental acuity.  She was the only contestant to answer correctly in the final round.  After she was declared the winner, those who had gotten out in that round were all called back in order to try to win the place of “runner-up” which was no easy task in such a group of talented students.

In the end, Kerrin O’Grady and Caroline Lopez were left, with Kerrin taking the second-place win.  Congratulations to all participants who did an outstanding job! Julia and Kerrin are now eligible to represent the Latin School in the Invitational Math Bee to be held at KMHS on May 17, 2017.

L to R: Julia Lawless ’21, Miss Maria Korzekwinski, Kerrin O’Grady ’21