Juniors Turn Out For Record Blood Drive Donations

May 28 2015

Today, the junior class responded to a desperate call for donated blood. Students donated for many different reasons. Some students donate because of  family members who needed a blood product, others donated because of the blood shortage in our area, and others donated because they wanted to get into the habit of donating every 56 days and wanted to save a life.

We are proud to announce that today’s blood drive was the most successful we’ve ever held at Kellenberg.

303 members of the junior class signed up to donate yielding 179 whole blood donations. In addition, 46 students donated blood using the ALYX system, which collects double the red blood cells, the equivalent of 92 pints of whole blood, bringing the grand total of today’s blood drive to 271 units of blood.

These 271 units of blood donated will save 993 lives in our area and is the most amount of blood donated ever in one drive for Kellenberg students.
The grand total of blood donated by Kellenberg (both the senior drive in the fall and the junior drive in the spring) this year is 485 pints.
Thank you and congratulations to all who donated the gift of life today.