Kellenberg Students Save Lives With Annual Blood Drives

Jun 04 2016

On May 25th Kellenberg Memorial held its annual blood drive for the junior class. KMHS brought in 216 units of blood. Thirty nine students and faculty donated on the ALYX machine which gives double the donation so that makes up 78 units of the blood donated. A total of 177 people donated whole blood.

Currently, there is a blood emergency because going the blood centers are short thousands of units of blood. With our blood drive being late in the school year they become very reliant on all of the blood that our students and faculty donate.  Mrs. Finn, the coordinator of the blood drive, commented, “I am very proud of our students for taking the time to donate. Many students were nervous to donate for the first time, but they over came their nerves and saved 648 lives. They performed a simple act by donating, but their impact will save so many people down the road.”

Junior Alyssa Boll said, ‘It was my first time taking place in the Kellenberg Blood Drive, and thought it was very successful. It was good to see all the students who came in very enthusiastic about giving blood to save someone else’s life. All of the nurses were very nice and caring making the experience very positive.” Junior, Morgan Staab, says ,”It was a really good feeling knowing we helped save so many lives. It really makes us realize how lucky we are.”

And then on Thursday, May 26, New York Blood Center awarded Kellenberg Memorial High School the “Heroglobin” award, the highest honor for high schools. This year’s two Blood Drives, the Senior Blood Drive held in February, and the Junior Blood Drive held in May, resulted in record-breaking units of blood. Not only the seniors and juniors donated blood this year, but several faculty, alumni, and parents also helped to save lives with their donations.

Mrs. Elizabeth Finn and Mr. Joseph Beyrouty, who run both Blood Drives, and Seniors William Golder and Julia Montgomery, members of Senior Spirit Committee, which assists with the Senior Blood Drive, accepted the award at Newsday’s headquarters in Melville.

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