Kidsday: LI kids talk with bestselling author James Patterson about new book

Jun 04 2019

Author James Patterson with Kidsday reporters at BookCon in Manhattan. Kidsday reporters are Lindsey Galligan, left, Lillian Musso, Isabel Connolly, and Faith Cairo. They are students at Latin School at Kellenberg Memorial High School.
Photo Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Kidsday article by Latin School students Faith Cairo, Isabel Connolly, Lindsey Galligan, and Lillian Musso:
(Special thanks to Kidsday Editor, Pat Mullooly)

More than 350 million books sold worldwide, Guinness World Record for most New York Bestsellers, seven books adapted for the big screen, and the Literarian Award. These are just some of the accomplishments of the award-winning author, James Patterson. He has written several books in various genres from mystery to children’s books. He first found success as an author in 1976 with “The Thomas Berryman Number,” which won him the Edgar Award. The Edgar Award is a top award for mystery writers.

His first book won an award, but he continued working in his advertising company until 1993 when he wrote “Along Came a Spider,” another mystery. This book turned into a series and was eventually turned into a movie. He has been able to work with the Albert Einstein Estate and even former President Bill Clinton. Patterson’s wife, Susan, and a son, Jack, are both authors, too. Jack was actually the inspiration for Patterson to start writing children’s books. Patterson wanted every child to love reading and hopes that after reading his books kids ask for more. He even started a website to promote this idea. Of course, anyone who can get some of us kids to say, “Please give me another book” is quite an amazing author. That is his main goal, that reading is not something dreaded but celebrated. Patterson also promotes reading by donating millions to libraries and book stores. He has a lot of children’s books including “Max Einstein,” the “Middle School” series, and his most recent “Katt vs. Dogg.”

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