Language Week at Kellenberg

Feb 03 2015

Article by Madeline Lay, Class of 2019:

From Monday, January 26 to Thursday, January 29, the students of Kellenberg Memorial High School actively participated in the annually celebrated Language Week. Language Week is all about recognizing the variety of languages spoken all over the world. Throughout Language Week, students are reminded that English is not the only language spoken in the world but one of thousands. Kellenberg celebrated the four languages that students can learn at Kellenberg: Latin, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language. I couldn’t help but catch the spirit of Language Week the moment I walked into the building Monday morning. Members of the language clubs handed out cheerful stickers with phrases in all the languages. Colorful posters, advertising the exciting week, adorned the school walls, and mini posters, that showed words in English and their translations on the back, hung from the ceiling. Over the course of the week, morning announcements were in American Sign Language, Latin, and French. Finally, language club members participated in Language Jeopardy after school on Wednesday. Despite the bad weather, Language Week was still a great success that made the week both fun and educational. I don’t think I am alone when I say that I can’t wait for Language Week next year!