Latin School Learns About Vietnam War

May 29 2019

Over the weekend students came together to celebrate Memorial Day with their families to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in our nation’s military.  On Tuesday, May 28th it was a perfect time for our eighth graders to be given a special witness by Mrs. Anne Zimos, mother of 8th grader Marybeth Zimos.

Mrs. Zimos’ husband Tony was a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. He was made famous by appearing in a famous recruiting poster used by the Navy. Tony, unfortunately, passed away in 2017 due to complications from diabetes, fought for three years in the harsh jungles of Vietnam participating in numerous missions and operations. Although no longer with us, Tony’s memory lives on through his wife and daughter. The students were able to learn about the causes of the war, why the United States was involved and what role Tony played in this important part of American history.

Tony joined the Navy when he was 17, something that required parental permission. They were mesmerized by the intense training Tony had to go through in order to become a Navy Seal and also to hear what life was like in the day to day struggles in the jungle. Mrs. Zimos also spoke of Tony’s life after the war and the readjustment back to society. She spoke how he worked for famed explorer Jacque Cousteau and even wrote a beginners guide to scuba diving, which you can buy today!! Lastly, she brought in certain artifacts such as a bullet box and a shovel used by Tony in Vietnam. It was a great learning experience for our 8th graders as they are currently learning about Vietnam and its importance.

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