Latin School Mock Trial Team Competes at St. John's University

May 21 2014

Article by By Katherine Peknic (class of 2018):

On Saturday, May 17th, the Latin School Mock Trial Team traveled to Saint John’s University Law School to compete in the Catholic Middle School Mock Trial Competition. The team presented a fictitious case, Ryan Strongarm versus Chris Rocket, in which Ryan Strongarm was suing after he was hit by a speeding vehicle while jogging on a foggy road late at night.  The team was separated into two groups- Plaintiff and Defense. The Plaintiff attorneys were Kathleen Peknic with the opening statement, Lauren Glupe with direct examinations, Katharine Cuneo with the cross examinations, and Kathryne Stewart with the closing statement. The witnesses were Christian Morales as Ryan Strongarm and Eshelle Kim as an eyewitness,  Kerry Knowall,  and Police Officer Lindsey Grimm. The attorneys did a great job.  The witnesses did an amazing job memorizing their lines. Lauren Glupe asked poignant questions which highlighted that the Plaintiff should win the case because of Rocket’s negligence. The witnesses crumbled under Katharine Cuneo’s interrogating cross examinations. The Plaintiff team finished up with a strong closing by Kathryne Stewart which sealed up the case. The Plaintiff won, as the Defendant, Rocket, was found negligent and to be 55% at fault for the accident.

The Defense Team was made up of attorneys Jacqueline Callinan, Mary Kearney and Kasey Kennedy, and witneses Brian O’Regan, Michelle Lee and Caitlin McDonough.   The Defense Team played a close match against St. Mary’s, with the Plaintiff team again prevailing, as the Defendant was found to be 55 % at fault for the accident.  The Defense team did an excellent job showing that the Plaintiff was contributorily negligent for his injuries, and the judge agreed.

The whole team did an amazing job! All of the hard work in preparing for the trial paid off! Congratulations to the whole team.