Latin School Science Olympiad Team Competes in State Tournament

Apr 07 2014

On Saturday, the 15 members of Latin School Science Olympiad State team traveled to Greece Arcadia High School in Rochester, NY to participate in the New York State Science Olympiad competition. The members of the State team are:

Joshua Antony (’20), Andre Assarian (’20), Aiden York (’20), Kiana Pinard (’20), Michelle George (’19), Natalie Jean-Michel (’19), Lucas Leston (’19), Christian Morales (’19), Giovanni Pupo (’18), James Coppola (’18), Polly Taylor (’18), Andrew Gillen (’17), Jeremy Caputer (’17), Sabrina Munoz (’17), and Kelly Kenny (’17).

Fourth place medals were won by Liana Pinard ’20 & Jeremy Capuder ’17 for Rotor Egg Drop, and Polly Taylor ’18 & Christian Morales ’19 for Water Quality. Fifth place medals were won by Lucas Leston ’19 & James Coppola ’18 for Robo-Cross. Overall, the team placed 18th out of 36 teams.

Coaches: Mr. Wevers, Mrs. Paton, and Mrs. Graziano
Special thanks to Brother Nigel, the HS Science Olympiad team, Brother Dickon, Brother Sheridan, and our coaches for all their help and support.