Latin School Squires Celebrate with End of the Year BBQ

May 28 2017

Article by Rachel Harrington ’18:

On Wednesday May 24, the Brother C. Fox eighth graders had their annual barbeque in celebration of their last year as middle schoolers. To start the day the squires—the members of the eighth grade class—attended the May Crowning Prayer Service, then changed out of their uniforms and got ready to play the rest of the day. On the fields, there were bounce houses, popcorn machines, and pick-up games of lacrosse, soccer, and more. Squire Emma Carmody said, “The Squire Barbeque is a fun way to end the year and a great experience to have right before we start high school.”  For lunch, the eighth graders had a delicious barbeque on the fields with their teachers and friends. The Squire Barbeque was a great way to wrap up the year before high school begins.