Lenten prayer reflection

Feb 21 2015

Lk 5:27-32

Levi is an inspiration to us all because he does not hesitate when Jesus calls him. Levi is a despised tax collector, and welcomes Jesus to his house. To most neighbors witnessing the event, this would have been amazingly scandalous! Eating with a sinner? Why would Jesus do such a thing. Yet, aren’t we all sinners? Aren’t we all blessed to have Jesus share with us the paschal meal that is his body and blood? We are not deserving of such mercy, yet it is ours.
And consider Jesus’ most beautiful response: only the sick need a physician, not the healthy. Who is at most need for Christ and his love? Those who are sick…souls in need of healing. Us, the sinners.
This Lent, let’s not be scandalized by love and kindness. Let us open our hearts for healing and allow the great physician to do his masterful work.