Newsday FutureCorps feature Kellenberg Drama Club

Jan 08 2015

From Newsday’s FutureCorps January 8, 2015:

During the school year, students from the drama department at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale perform musicals for all in the community to enjoy. Three years ago, they decided to host a Sunday matinee performance, free of charge, for the elderly residents of a local senior citizen center. The audience grows each year as more senior centers are invited by Kellenberg’s talented students to the free event.

This year, the seniors were treated to a performance of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. Hannah Pipa, a twelfth-grader, noted, “It is a privilege for Kellenberg to be able to give back to its community any way it can. Performing for the various seniors living in assisted living and senior living centers is so fulfilling and we are happy to do so.” Austin Nalaboff, also a twelfth-grader, said, “Kellenberg Memorial has always been a place to not only learn, but to also give back to the surrounding community.Ithink I can speak for the entire drama department when I say it was a pleasure to share our talents with local seniors at this wonderful time.”