Newsday: Kellenberg's Jazmine Fray, Deirdre Lewin finish first and third at Molloy Stanner Games

Jan 17 2015

Article by Newsday’s Jordan Lauterbach:

On most days, Kellenberg’s Deirdre Lewin and Jazmine Fray are joined at the hip. Training partners, they waltz around the school’s track, preparing for big weekend races. So as another big weekend race came to a close Saturday at the Armory in Manhattan, it was no surprise to see the two barreling down the final straight — joined at the hip.

Fray won the 1,000 meters in 2 minutes, 59.67 seconds at the Molloy Stanner Games. Lewin, who was a half step behind her for most of the race, was third in 2:59.93. Mercy’s Meg Tuthill edged between them at the line and took second in 2:59.90.