Newsday: Paige Salmon named CHSAA Player of the Year

Dec 04 2013

By Newsday’s Michael Gavin:

The plan was to fool Paige Salmon into thinking she was going to the CHSAA championship game to collect a plaque for Kellenberg’s regular season league title. Little did she know she’d actually be receiving the player of the year award.

Problem was, competitor that she is, she didn’t want to go to the game.

“I was pretty upset, she said, “because I wasn’t playing in it.”

So her coaches and teammates had to sell her on the idea and ultimately convinced her to go.

“We wanted her to be surprised,” Kellenberg coach Liz Finn said. “We told her to just come by, we’ll all hang out there and then she could go get the plaque. She put up a fight, but she went…

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