NYIT Profs Share Future Paths of Study for Business & Finance Club Members

Nov 21 2018

On Tuesday, November 20th, the Business and Finance Club was treated to an excellent presentation by 3 professors from the NYIT Department of Accounting and Finance School of Business. Dr. J.K. Yun was the primary speaker, presenting on the various business career paths on different business disciplines. Dr. Deborah Cohn gave a wonderful and interactive presentation on what Marketing is, engaging the students on what marketing tools have been used with them, especially around the holiday season. Dr. Seunghan Nam presented on Accounting, and what exactly accounting means. All three professors also gave the students an excellent idea of what to expect in college if choosing to study business. They explained what the different fields of business are and what students should be looking to study if they chose the different fields. It was a wonderful and engaging presentation that many of our students were able to transform their abstract dreams of business into a little more concrete and realizable future. We thank Drs. Yun, Cohn, and Nam for this wonderful presentation!

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