Retreat Season Begins Again at Kellenberg

Sep 25 2013

Article by: Kaitlyn Stackpole, Class of 2014.

A retreat is an experience to escape from reality and think about your faith life. Kellenberg retreats have helped to strengthen my relationship with God. Throughout my time here, I have been on four retreats, each having its own theme planned accordingly. On Freshman and Sophomore retreats, you spend the school day with your homeroom in the Emmanuel Retreat House. Junior and Senior retreats are optional and occur overnight with classmates who sign up together. Many clubs and sports teams go on retreats as well, which helps to form a strong bond in the team. Last week, the first senior and junior retreats began. The senior retreat moderators are Mr. Alex Basile, Mr. Thomas Huggard, and Mrs. Trista Harnisch. The junior retreat moderators are Brother Michael Gillen, S.M. and Mrs. Rosemary Dugal. The retreat season is off to a strong start. With many retreats coming up, please sign up! Take the opportunity to evaluate your faith life, enjoy good food, engage in introspective discussions, participate in fun recreation, and most importantly, deepen your relationship with God.