Sophomore Religion Students Respond to Pope Francis' Call to Mercy

May 10 2016
In his address to the young people who were invited to Rome in late April to help celebrate the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis said,

“I know that you have a bandana with the works of corporal mercy written on it: put these works on your head, because they are the style of Christian life. As you know, the works of mercy are simple gestures, which belong to everyday life, enabling you to recognize Jesus’ face in the face of many persons, young people too!  . . . To be merciful means also to be able to forgive. And this isn’t easy! It can happen at times that in the family, at school, in the parish, in the gymnasium or in recreation places someone can do us wrong and we feel offended; or in some moment of nervousness we can be the ones who offend others. We don’t remain with resentment or the desire for revenge! It’s futile: it is a worm that eats our soul and does not enable us to be happy. We forgive! We forgive the wrong received, so we can understand Jesus’ teaching and be His disciples and witnesses of mercy.”

In addition to writing a reflection on how they would incorporate acts of mercy in the families, in their neighborhoods and in our school, Bro. Roger’s sophomore religion class created similar bandanas to those wore by the young pilgrims to Rome.  Here are so photos of the students and their “acts of mercy.”