Sophomores Attend Drama Club's "Diary of Anne Frank" During Recent Faith Friday

Mar 11 2014

Article by Alex Basile, class of 2016:

Friday, February 28 was the Drama Club’s opening performance of The Diary of Anne Frank.  Members of the sophomore class gathered in the Maria Regina Chapel. We participated in a prayer service that was led by Father Tom. At the prayer service, we learned that holiness can be found in the ordinary lives of teenagers through everyday activities. We can be leaders of faith when with friends and family, even at the movies or at the beach.  Following the time in chapel we ate dinner together in Emmanuel.

After dinner we went down to the auditorium and viewed the play together. The play depicted the story of Anne Frank, her family, and others hiding from the Nazi’s in Amsterdam, Holland. Despite the difficult conditions they were faced with, they were still able to maintain a positive attitude. Through simple activities like playing cards and talking, they deepened their relationships and learned to appreciate friends and family. Even though the story had a sad ending, we recognize the heroic nature of Anne and her family.

The entire evening made me mindful of the importance of our relationships. Faith Fridays provide the Kellenberg students with an opportunity to pause, to gather, and to pray. All of which, I am truly grateful.