The Annual Latin School Food Drive Final Results

Nov 21 2014

In the Latin School, the week before Thanksgiving marks the time for the annual Latin School Food Drive sponsored by Latin School C.R.O.S.S.  The drive allows Latin School students and their families to share their blessings and to provide meals for others.  Each day, more than forty C.R.O.S.S. members report to assigned homerooms where they collect and tally all of the food contributions brought into homeroom by Latin School students.  At the Thursday afternoon meeting on November 20, members of C.R.O.S.S. gathered to sort and box the food and ready it for delivery to St. Brigid’s Parish Outreach in Westbury.  The director of the Outreach program is always grateful for the donations of the Latin School and has indicated that these supplies go a long way in stocking the food pantry.  Another delivery will be made to St. Martha’s Parish Outreach on Monday, Nov. 24.  Students have also been contributing their spare change during the Drive and these contributions will be put toward the purchase of supplies for making sandwiches to be donated to the I.N.N. (Interfaith Nutrition Network), a project that Latin School C.R.O.S.S. undertakes right after Thanksgiving.  All in all, the generosity of Latin School families and the work of Latin School C.R.O.S.S. members allow hungry people in the area to receive much-needed help, especially at holiday time.  Thank you to all who have supported these efforts!


11/25 UPDATE:

There were two big “winners” in the Latin School Food Drive this year:  they were St. Brigid’s Parish Outreach in Westbury and St. Martha’s Parish Outreach in Uniondale.  These outreach centers received, between the two of them, a total of over 4,700 items to benefit their parish pantries.  Gratitude is extended to all those Latin School students and their families who contributed generously and to all who helped collect, sort and deliver the food.  All those who contributed in some way helped to support those in need, particularly the hungry, in our area.  Each homeroom that participated did an outstanding job.  Several homerooms collected over 400 items each and one collected over 500 items!  Thank you to all who were so generous!