The Annunciation Project Works with the Sisters of Life

Dec 08 2016

Article by Ismenia Ginebra ’18:

At Kellenberg, the acronym S.O.S. (Service Over Self) has definitely taken root in many of the students. Numerous clubs and teams have taken part in a variety of different service projects and have participated in school-wide drives held throughout the school year.

Last weekend, members of the Annunciation Project, along with Mrs. Harnisch and Mrs. Fiore, traveled to the mother house of the Sisters of Life to assist in a day’s work of service. “I decided to start the Annunciation Project because many girls were looking for ways to give back to Kellenberg,” says Mrs. Harnisch. “The Annunciation Project serves to bring girls together through fellowship, service, and prayer. And by having the connection to the Sisters of Life, the girls can see the beautiful vocations the sisters live out every day.” The mission of the Sisters of Life is to ensure the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life from conception to natural death.

Upon arriving, the sisters immediately put us to work. Many took on different jobs throughout the day, assisting the sisters in any way which possible. From baking in the kitchen to cleaning to shoveling gravel and stuffing Christmas cards, it goes without saying that we worked very hard. Being with the sisters and their wonderful, joyful, and kind attitudes made these jobs fun and enjoyable!

Throughout the day, we also got to know the sisters through conversations and hearing them share their faith. Elizabeth Solferino ‘19, beautifully sums up her experience: “I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to have visited the sisters. Seeing the immense amount of joy and faith in all of them really had a huge impact on me. I overall enjoyed talking to them; they were just as eager to learn about me as I was about them.”