The Triumph Movie Screening

Jan 30 2014

Article by Tom Boylan, Class of 2014:

On Wednesday, January 8th, Kellenberg students visited the Bellmore movie theatre to see “The Triumph.” Students in attendance were from Catholic League and the Boys Basketball team. It was a great experience for all of us. In “The Triumph,” we took a journey through the eyes of a camera to see some of the events that occur in Medjugorje. We followed a man from Ohio named Ben. He had substance abuse problems and went to Medjugorje in hopes of getting his life back in order. Ben eventually meets this woman named Mirjana towards the end of the movie who is supposedly one of six people who sees apparitions of the Virgin Mary every few months. In Mirjana’s visions, Mary gives her a message each time to spread to all people about what to do to in order to be prepared better in both the faith life and for the end of the world.

Personally, watching this film was spine-shivering since it was a story of conversion and a story of believing, even if you may not see. Throughout the movie, Ben visits many sites that have been touched by Mary and have brought much hope and faith to the people who have come to find deeper meaning in their faith. In the time that Ben was visiting these sites, he did his best to stay sober and kept plowing through his troubles to reveal a true sense of meaning in his life. When he went home to Ohio and started drinking again, that brought him back to Medjugorje to come to his senses and live in a community where he was able to cleanse himself from his drinking problems. He now lives with people who have had similar problems but used faith to help them move past their troubles. It showed me that no matter how badly of a mistake that you may make, that God is willing to forgive and wants to help get you back on the right track.

In “The Triumph,” there was a large hill covered in rocks that Ben climbed to eventually come to the cross where Mirjana saw Mary. Those rocks almost represent life and how it isn’t always a smooth path, but a path that must be taken if one wants the fulfillment of having God in their lives. Ben knew that his life would be different if he took this road, but realized how it would be worth it in the end. This documentary was incredible. It will make you want to change for the better. No matter how much life throws at you, you will Triumph by your faith in God.

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