Congratulations, Class of 2028!

Welcome to the Kellenberg Family!

To begin the registration process please use the
registration link included in your acceptance letter.

Online Registration
for Kellenberg Memorial

Step 1:

Online Pre-Registration/
Student Profile for Kellenberg Memorial

Complete the Online Student Profile by Monday, January 23, 2024. Please note that the following information is required to fill out the online profile:

  • Parent Employment Information
  • Public School District
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Credit / Debit Card to pay non-refundable registration fee online
  • Registration fee of $425.00.

You will be required to upload copies of the following documents when completing the Online Student Profile:

  • Copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate or indication of affiliation with a Christian Church. 
  • Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate indicating the child’s legal name.
  • Your certificate of Certificate of Immunization will be uploaded via a Magnus Health portal.  More information regarding Physical Exams and Immunization forms will be emailed out in April 2024.

Bus Transportation information for students is available online at


Step 2:

In-person Registration occurs at Kellenberg Memorial on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.


As certain aspects of the Registration are directed towards the student and parents, we strongly encourage that both the student and at least one parent, guardian, or responsible adult be present at the in-person registration at Kellenberg Memorial on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.  Please schedule an in-person registration appointment using the link provided at the conclusion of the online student profile.


Kellenberg Memorial sponsors a financial aid scholarship program for families who experience the death of a parent or guardian (during the time of enrollment at Kellenberg Memorial) who is a source of financial support for the student enrolled at our school.  Two names of parents (or guardians) may be registered for this financial aid scholarship program.  Any scholarship grant shall be on a charitable basis and be at the sole discretion of Kellenberg Memorial.   Please indicate on the Financial Aid Scholarship Form, which is part of the online registration process, the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) whom you designate to be covered by this scholarship program in the event of their death.


We offer limited assistance to families who may be experiencing unforeseen or unmanageable financial hardships. This is need-based and requires that you submit financial information to FACTS to evaluate need.

The application process requires several documents to be submitted for consideration of potential assistance. These documents include –

  • two years of tax returns, including W2s and 1099s
  • all additional proof of income.

In addition, you will be required to submit:

  • three months of bank statements
  • mortgage statements and/or lease agreements
  • credit card statements
  • investments statements
  • car payment statements

There is a $40 fee payable to FACTS and does not guarantee that assistance will be granted. Typical awards are usually between one and two months tuition payments, however, based upon the circumstances, it may be more. Awards apply only to the current academic year, and you must reapply each year and previous awards are not a guarantee of future aid. Tuition is expected to be kept current during the application process. Please email for a link to an application.


Tuition for the 2024-2025 will be:

             Tuition for KMHS is $14,000.00 + $200.00 iPad lease-to-own fee (annual charge)

             Registration fee is $425.00 (only for incoming students, inclusive of $100.00 iPad deposit)

           Green Initiative Environmental Fee $25.00

This tuition is an all-inclusive tuition fee, not a basic fee.  The student accident insurance premium is included in the tuition.  The insurance coverage is for school time, all extracurricular activities, and all sports.  You will not have to pay any additional fees for books, laboratories, art studio, physical education, clubs, athletic participation, (except for Hockey, Crew, and Equestrian Club), and retreats.  Tuition information can be found online. Tuition is paid online through FACTS Company.  An email invitation will be sent to set up your account.  You will select your payment option at that time.  You can expect to receive this email by April 30th.  Your account must be set up and a payment plan chosen no later than May 15th.


In most cases, transportation to Kellenberg Memorial High School will be provided by your local school district. Transportation information can be found online at   Please consult this summary for determining the best method of transportation to Kellenberg Memorial for your child.  Any questions may be answered at the time of registration or by contacting Mr. Christopher Cartier at


Kellenberg Memorial uniforms are purchased through Lands’ End or Flynn & O’Hara.   Additional information regarding the uniform ordering process will be provided at registration on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.


Application to Kellenberg Memorial High School and registration implies willingness and capacity to achieve within the existing academic program as described in our school handbook. Because of limitations in resources and finances, exceptional programs for individual academic or physical needs cannot be adequately provided for within existing parameters; therefore, Kellenberg Memorial does not accommodate 504 or Individualized Education Plans.


Freshmen may participate either in the school’s Band, Chorus or Orchestra program. Those who elect not to participate are assigned a study hall period.  There will be more information forthcoming at our Orientation Program in April. 

Due to time and space limitations, students must register on January 23, 2024.  The offer of admission will not be extended beyond January 23, 2024, unless we hear from you.  Please contact the Admissions Office before January 23, 2024, if you have a conflict with this date for registration. You can reach them at (516) 292-0200 ext. 210 or

Congratulations on being accepted
into the Class of 2028!

Hard work, enthusiasm, and belief in oneself have made it possible for your child to attend Kellenberg Memorial.

May these same characteristics continue to predominate throughout the years of high school.

To register for Kellenberg Memorial...

Please use the registration link in your acceptance email
to begin the registration process.

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Please contact Mr. James O’Brien, Asst. Principal for Admissions at or (516) 292-0200 x210.

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