Congratulations, Class of 2025!

To review registration information, to find all required registration forms referenced in this letter, and to begin the Online Student Profile go to:

Online Registration
for Kellenberg Memorial

Complete the Online Student Profile by Monday, January 25, 2021. Please note that the following information is required to fill out the online profile:

    • Parent Employment Information
    • Public School District
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Selection of Band, Orchestra, Chorus or Study Hall
    • Credit / Debit Card to pay non-refundable registration fee online 

Registration fee of $400.00 (We use PayPal to process these transactions).

You will be required to upload copies of the following documents when completing the online profile:

  • Certificate of Immunization Form completely filled out.
  • Copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate or indication of affiliation with a Christian Church.  This copy will not be returned.
  • Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate indicating child’s legal name.  This copy will not be returned.

Bus Transportation information for students is available online on the Forms page of the Kellenberg Website at

As the first step in the registration process, you are asked to complete an Online Student Profile.   You will need your User ID and your password when you log into the site. This information is printed in the upper right hand corner of your acceptance letter.  Please complete all of the fields and submit the form.  After completing the Online Student Profile, you will be asked to pay a nonrefundable registration fee of $400.00.  Step two of registration is an online interview.


As certain aspects of the Registration are directed towards the student and parents, we strongly encourage that both the student and at least one parent, guardian, or responsible adult be present at the online interview.  Links to schedule an interview will be sent within 24 hours of your completion of the online student profile.  These interviews will be available each afternoon, Monday, January 25, through Thursday, January 28, 2021.


The Immunization Form, that is to be completed by your child’s physician, can be found online at  Alternatively, a Certificate of Immunization may be provided on a physician’s stationery.  In all cases, the Certificate of Immunization must be signed, stamped and dated by the physician.  Your child’s registration will not be complete without uploading an immunization certificate when completing the online profile.  Please remember that physicians generally require at least 48-72 hours to process such forms.  Families will be contacted if we have any questions or concerns regarding a student’s immunization form.   Please contact the School Nurse’s Office at (516) 292-0200 Ext. 212 if you have any questions regarding immunizations.


Kellenberg Memorial sponsors a financial aid scholarship program for families who experience the death of a parent or guardian (during the time of enrollment at Kellenberg Memorial) who is a source of financial support for the student enrolled at our school.  Two names of parents (or guardians) may be registered for this financial aid scholarship program.  Any scholarship grant shall be on a charitable basis and be at the sole discretion of Kellenberg Memorial.   The names of these two individuals will be collected through the online student profile.


Due to space limitations, registration is limited to Professed Christians.  It is essential for your child’s registration to upload a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate or indication of affiliation with a Christian Church at the time of registration.  This copy will be kept on file at the school.  Please contact the Admissions Office at (516) 292-0200 Ext. 210 with any questions.


A copy of your child’s birth certificate is required and should be uploaded when completing the online profile to confirm the legal name of your child.


Tuition for the next year will be $11,600.00 + $200.00 iPad lease-to-own fee.  This tuition is an all-inclusive tuition fee, not a basic fee.  The student accident insurance premium is included in the tuition.  The insurance coverage is for school time, all extracurricular activities and all sports.  You will not have to pay any additional fees for books, laboratories, art studio, physical education, clubs, athletic participation, (with the exception of Hockey, Crew, and Equestrian Club), and retreats.  Tuition information can be found online. Tuition is paid online through FACTS Company.  An email invitation will be sent to set up your account.  You will select your payment option at that time.  You can expect to receive this email by April 30th.  Your account must be set up and a payment plan chosen no later than May 7th.


In most cases, transportation to Kellenberg Memorial High School will be provided by your local school district.  A Transportation Information Sheet can be found online at  Please consult this summary for determining the best method of transportation to Kellenberg Memorial for your child.  Please contact Mr. York at (516) 292-0200 extension 222 with questions regarding transportation.


Information regarding the school uniform will be sent by email in the spring.


Application to Kellenberg Memorial High School and registration implies willingness and capacity to achieve within the existing academic program as described in our handbook.  Because of limitations in resources and finances, special accommodations for individual academic or physical needs cannot be adequately provided for within existing parameters.


Due to time and space limitations students must complete the online profile and schedule an online interview the week of Monday, January 25, through Thursday, January 28, 2021.  Please contact the Admissions Office before January 25, 2021 if you have a conflict with the dates for registration. You can reach them at (516) 292-0200 ext. 210 or

Virtual Open House for Accepted Candidates

We invite you to be a part of our Virtual Open House for Accepted Candidates on Saturday, January 23, streaming on our website at 10 AM.

See how Kellenberg has handled hybrid learning this year.

“Kellenberg is a co-ed private Catholic high school in Uniondale. This is the Barnjak triplets’ first experience in a private-school setting. They graduated from Seaford Middle School earlier this year.

“One of their mother’s concerns at the start of the academic year was how comfortable her children might be attending in-person classes. She also wondered how the transition would go if they decided to learn from home instead, even temporarily.

“Robert York, Kellenberg’s assistant principal for personnel and communications, laid out the school’s pandemic response, and how effective it has been up to this point. “We’ve not ever had to close down the entire school facility due to a positive Covid-19 test,” York said. “That is due to our cohort model, where our students are spending the majority of their day in their respective classrooms, while the teachers are really the transient ones, going from one classroom to another.”

Read the full article on the LI Herald’s website here.


We’re excited for you to begin your journey at Kellenberg Memorial!

Please contact Mr. Benintendi, Asst. Principal for Admissions at or (516) 292-0200 x210.

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