Since 1987, Kellenberg Memorial High School has been providing an unparalleled, Catholic education of the heart and mind in the Marianist tradition. We consistently hear gratifying feedback from our alumni community that a Kellenberg Memorial education is an important stepping stone which readies students for not only the academic rigors of higher education, but also provides them with a strong spiritual foundation, fully developing their relationships with Jesus and the broader Catholic community.\

The Kellenberg Memorial community is a uniquely generous one which constantly gives freely of time, talent, and treasure. One of the most effective ways of supporting our mission is making a gift to the Shepherd’s Fund, which is comprised of annual unrestricted funds that afford our school the opportunity to strengthen a variety of initiatives that directly affect all of our programs each day. Your support of the Shepherd’s Fund plays an important role in maintaining Kellenberg Memorial’s modest annual tuition, which is among the lowest on Long Island.

We are grateful to all who make Kellenberg Memorial a philanthropic priority. Your generosity supports an education of the heart and mind, preparing our students to lead exemplary lives of faith, citizenship, and professional excellence. If you would like additional information about giving to Kellenberg Memorial, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Mrs. Denise Miles
Director of Advancement
(516) 292-0200 x245
[email protected]

2016-2018 SKOPOS Committee Members
Shepherd’s Fund Volunteer
​Leadership Committee

Jim & Eileen Liddy

Mike & Laura Archbold
Jeff Byrnes
Joseph & Juliana Dompkowski
Kevin & Rosemary Dugal
James & Theresa Finnerty
Douglas & Janine Fischer
Jim & Debbie Graham ’75
Brendan Hall ’96
Dave & Donna Hutchinson
Larry & June Keller
Tom ’78 & Nancy Mulkeen
Tom & Daphne Mullally
Glenn ’90 & Syndee O’Kane
Michael & Judith Porcari
Michael & Karen Simons
Bobby ’01 & Peggy (Ranieri) ’03 York

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Mrs. Denise Miles 
Director of Advancement 
(516) 292-0200 x245
[email protected]

Mr. Thomas Huggard
Director of Alumni
(516) 292-0200 x375
[email protected]

Mrs. Beth Campbell
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
(516) 292-0200 x396
[email protected]

Mrs. Karen Simons
Assistant Director for Giving Programs
(516) 292-0200 x320
[email protected]

Mrs. Erin (Byrne) Cicalese ’98
Assistant Director for Communications
(516) 292-0200 x399
[email protected]

Mr. Kevin A’Hearn ’83
Assistant Alumni Moderator
(516) 292-0200 x237
[email protected]

Mr. Christopher Alfalla ’94
Assistant Alumni Moderator
(516) 292-0200 x206
[email protected]

Mrs. Marcella (Fernandez) Fiore ’09
Assistant Alumni Moderator
(516) 292-0200
[email protected]