The Day of Giving is the biggest single fundraising push of the year to support the Shepherd’s Fund—the school’s unrestricted annual fund that supports all aspects of the education of the heart and mind provided at Kellenberg Memorial. The Firebird Family’s assistance with promoting and supporting the Day of Giving is an integral part of the success of the annual fund overall.

What can the Firebird Family accomplish in 24 hours? Let’s find out! Join me in supporting Kellenberg Memorial’s Day of Giving on February 16th!
I will support Kellenberg Memorial’s Day of Giving on February 16th because [insert reason]. Please join me!

Help ensure that future generations of Firebirds have access to an affordable Marianist education of the heart & mind by supporting the Day of Giving on February 16th!

2022 Day of Giving Photo Booth

2022 Student Raffle Winners


Islanders 4 pack (March 19)

Donated by Latham & Watkins and Maureen & Jim Cooney, parents of James LS’18, Kate ’24 & Colin ’28

Cameron Maloney 9th

Islanders 2 pack (March 5)

Donated by Phil & Maura Westerman, alumni parents of Kelly ’11, Bridget ’13 & Maggie ’17

Shannon Pulis 9th

Rangers 2 pack (February 27)

Donated by Sal & Linda Restivo, alumni parents of Juliana ’11, Sal LS’15, & Claudia ’19

Teaghan Urich 9th

Islanders Gift Basket

Donated by Deena Sena ‘08 and the NY Islanders

Madison Muroff 7th
Apple AirPodsCarolina Ginebra 11th
Apple AirPodsVincent Castrofillipo 7th
Apple AirTagsJoseph Russo 10th
Apple AirTagsJohn McCarthy 6th
JBL Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerKevin Kokiadias 12th
JBL Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerBeatrice Ehrig 7th
JBL Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerCadence Martin 9th
JBL Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerCaroline Warywoda 8th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherKathryn Schmidt 9th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherQuinn O’Grady 10th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherValentina Pisaniello 7th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherDylan McHugh 10th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherEleanor Eardley 7th
$50 Culinart Gift VoucherMaeve Duggan 12th
$30 “You pick” gift card*John Furlong 8th
$30 “You pick” gift card*Joseph Russo 10th
$30 “You pick” gift card*Donovan Gilliam 11th
$30 “You pick” gift card*Jayden Fanuko 9th
$30 “You pick” gift card*Steven Henriquez 10th
$30 “You pick” gift card*Julia Salazar 11th
*Students will be able to choose their gift card.

Some Common Questions

What is a Day of Giving?

  • Kellenberg Memorial’s Day of Giving is a 24-hour push for support to bolster the Shepherd’s Fund, which is comprised of annual unrestricted funds that afford our school the opportunity to strengthen a variety of initiatives that directly affect all of our programs each day. Support of the Shepherd’s Fund plays an important role in maintaining Kellenberg Memorial’s modest annual tuition, which is among the lowest on Long Island.

How do I participate in the Day of Giving?

  • There are many ways to participate in Kellenberg Memorial’s Day of Giving. You may make a gift in honor of a teacher or coach who has had a great impact on your life, or you may choose to display your Firebird alumni pride by including your class year in your gift amount (for example, a graduate of the Class of 2012 may choose to give $20.12, $200.12, or even a monthly gift of $12!). In many cases, you may even be able to double your impact, as there are over 500 companies across the country that will match their employees’ gifts to elementary and secondary schools. Many companies will match gifts at a greater than one-to-one ratio! Check with your personnel department for more details. Gifts can be made online or via mail (see details below).

What is being done to protect data associated with online giving?

  • Online payments on behalf of Kellenberg Memorial are processed by Blackbaud. Blackbaud’s world-class security, privacy, and risk-management teams work every day to ensure the safety of your data by adhering to industry standard practices, conducting ongoing risk assessments, aggressively testing the security of our products, and continually assessing our infrastructure. To read more about Blackbaud’s security practices, please click here.

Can I make my gift by mail?

  • Yes. To make a gift by mail, simply send a check made payable to Kellenberg Memorial Shepherd’s Fund to:
    • Office of Advancement
      Kellenberg Memorial High School
      1400 Glenn Curtiss Blvd.
      Uniondale, NY 11553

Where does my gift go?

  • The Shepherd’s Fund is made up of annual unrestricted funds which afford our school the opportunity to enhance a variety of initiatives that directly affect all of our programs each day. Namely, your generosity will benefit Kellenberg Memorial in the following ways:
    • Technology Enhancements – Technology and classroom resources are enhanced on a regular basis, and the entire student body of over 2,600 has been using the iPad on a 1:1 basis since the 2017-2018 school year;  
    • Robust Extracurricular Offerings – Students have the ability to participate in a broad range of co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities, interscholastic activities, and athletic teams without any additional cost after tuition;
    • Faculty Enrichment – Additional investments in our faculty result in a dedicated lab faculty, enhanced professional development opportunities, and additional resources and staff in college placement;
    • Continuous Curriculum Enhancements – Our time-tested liberal arts curriculum continues to expand to include newly added courses in math, science, and engineering, as well as provide additional opportunities for students to earn college credit with local colleges and universities;
    • Campus Improvement Projects – As our school community continues to grow, our building and facilities, which celebrated 50 years in 2016 (formerly Maria Regina Diocesan High School and St. Agnes Cathedral High School), are continually undergoing renewal, renovation, and expansion.

What’s the goal of the Day of Giving?

  • The goal of the Day of Giving is to inspire the Kellenberg Memorial community to come together in support of the Shepherd’s Fund. Live programming throughout the day highlights current students, parents, clubs, athletic teams, alumni, and Future Firebirds in an effort to show the direct positive impact the Shepherd’s Fund has on the day-to-day operation and continued growth of the school.

Why is the Day of Giving important?

  • The Day of Giving is important because it allows Kellenberg Memorial to bolster the Shepherd’s Fund in an efficient way which utilizes the talents of the school community, while at the same time garnering enthusiasm and appreciation for the philanthropic process among the student body.

Consolidated Appropriations Act

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) was signed into law on December 27, 2020. It extends the additional tax incentives that the CARES Act created for charitable gifts.


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