Lenten prayer reflection by Paul Samson

Mar 24 2015

John 8: 21-30

Jesus’ speaking to the Pharisees in today’s Gospel initiates their belief in Him, as He emphasizes that He is of greater power and origin. Jesus emphasizes that unless we come to fully believe in Him and turn away from our transgressions, we cannot live with Him after our deaths, for we will die with sin in our hearts. The most prominent words He speaks in this gospel read: “When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he.” Only once we see God for His unending goodness and holiness can we expect to live with Him for eternity.

During Lent, it is extremely important that we acknowledge the supremacy of Jesus as the Son of God. By making various sacrifices throughout this holy season, we are able to strengthen our relationships with Christ, and turn away from our sins. Once we take on the challenges that are brought, we can see God for all that He is, and hope to live with Him forever once we cleanse our hearts in Christ.