Members of Freshman C.R.O.S.S. Visit the Bristal for Spring Dance

May 21 2015

Article by Maggie Ledwith, class of 2018:

On Thursday, May 7, 2015, very enthusiastic members of Freshman C.R.O.S.S took a trip to the Bristal Residence for a spring dance with the members of the home. The older men and women were all dressed up and excited for the night. You could tell by the excitement in their eyes it was nice for them to receive our attentive company. For the few hours we were there, I felt like I really connected with the men and women. Whether we were dancing, singing along to the music, or just talking, smiles lit up the room.

We talked about past experiences and family members, and there were definitely a lot of laughs. I know that if I were in an assisted living home I would be so happy to have so many excited guests coming in. A truly warming feeling comes from helping people and being with people who just need company. A smile never left my face over the course of the night. I am truly blessed that I was able to take part in this experience and share it with my classmates, we connected and bonded over the amount of love we had for these people we never knew before.

This Thursday in May began as any other Thursday, but by the end of the night it became one I will never forget.