Spring Freshman & Junior Varsity Athletic Awards – 2017

Jun 02 2017

The Most Improved Player Award
This is awarded to the athlete who displayed the greatest amount of improvement and growth in their skills which contributed to the success of their team.

The Bernie Ward Commitment Award
This award is named after our beloved former faculty member, coach and colleague Bernie Ward is for the athlete who has displayed the most passion and commitment towards bettering themselves and their teammates during the season.

The Most Valuable Player Award
This is awarded to the athlete whose contribution to the team contributed most towards that team’s success during the season.

Junior Varsity Softball

Most Improved: Lindsey Raimondi

Lindsey Raimondi proved to the entire coaching staff this season that she was determined to be the best player she could be. She worked hard in the offseason and came out strong during the beginning of the season. Throughout our time together Lindsey worked on her pitching, fielding and hitting skills. Almost every day Lindsey would ask one of the coaches what she could do to be better at a particular task. Lindsey was a player that as a coach I could rely on to make the most out of any situation and would play any position I asked her to play. Lindsey has been a role model for her fellow teammates, showing them that hard work and dedication can pay off. Congratulations Lindsey!

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Haley Lorenzo

Haley Lorenzo has proven what it takes to be a Firebird. Haley will give it her all during any game and at all times. She was a true leader to her teammates and helped to pick them up when they were down on themselves. Haley was at every practice and every game willing to work hard and make herself a better player. Haley’s commitment to the team was shown each and every day and she was always willing to do more. She helped lead the team to the playoffs with 18 RBI’s and 30 hits. She always found a way to more a runner and then to cheer her teammates on. She was a huge help to the coaching staff and knew how to put the team first always. Congratulations Haley!

Most Valuable Player: Julia Piotrowski

Julia Piotrowski lead the team in pitching with 59 strikeouts over 30.2 innings pitched. Offensively Julia had a .628 batting average with 4 homeruns, 29 RBI’s and no strikeouts. Julia is a player that will make an impact no matter if she is pitching, playing the outfield or at bat. She was a vital part of our team this year and as a freshman learned how to be a leader on and off the field. She wanted the best for herself but more importantly, she wanted the best for her teammates. There would be times that Julia would help out a fellow teammate with hitting skills or talk to them in the outfield on a better way to approach a ball. We are excited to see what the future holds for you! Congratulations Julia.

Boys Junior Varsity “A” Lacrosse

Most Improved: Kyle Cote

Kyle Cote started the year out as an attackman but the coaches started to work him into the midfield lines to try and take advantage of his athletic ability.  Once Kyle got comfortable in the position he thrived as a player, he was a multi-talented offensive threat because of his attack background but more importantly, he quickly learned how to play tough defense and become one of our most reliable wing players on faceoffs picking up ground balls and clearing the ball. 

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Ethan Michaud

Ethan Michaud was the first player out and ready for practice every day and always the first one into drills working on his skills.  Ethan is a very talented player so the coaches demanded a lot from him as a player, he always took everything that was asked of him in stride and never questioned the coaching staff knowing he was always doing what was best for the team. 

Most Valuable Player: Rob Filshie

Rob Filshie was always tasked with the toughest job on the field, he was always matched up with the opposing teams best offensive player.  Rob thrived in this position often getting the best of his opponents and shutting them down effectively shutting down the opposing offense altogether.  In addition to his defense, Rob was our best defender clearing the ball and creating transition opportunities for our offense as well as playing the wing on face-offs when the team needed to change things up.  In short, we asked a lot of Rob this season many things he was not used to doing and he excelled at everything we asked.  

Boys Junior Varsity “B” Lacrosse

Most Improved: Samir Umar

This year’s Most Improved Player is Samir Umar.  Samir came into the year willing and eager to learn all the facets of the game.  Having only been playing for a few months, the first few weeks were quite a challenge for him.  As the season progressed, his determination continued to grow and Samir was able to earn himself a regular spot in our defensive rotation by the season’s end.  The coaching staff is extremely proud of Samir’s achievements this year and cannot wait to see him continue to grow and succeed with the program. 

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Michael Dux

This year’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner is Michael Dux.  As one of our three team captains, Mike lead the team with quiet determination and consistent play all season long.  Mike finished the season second in goals and led the team in assists.  He was always willing to help the team over himself, including a move from attack to midfield halfway through the season.  The coaching staff is excited to see Mike continue to develop and improve as he progresses through the program. 

Most Valuable Player: Brian Pleines

This year’s Most Valuable Player is Brian Pleines.  Brian played outstanding in each and every game this season.  As our team’s only goalie, Brian did not let himself become content in never being able to lose his starting job.  Rather he continued to lead by example and single-handedly kept our team in many games this season.  Being one of our three team captains, Brian was never one to vocally lead the team, instead he thrived in silently leading them with a big smile every day.  Brian played through several injuries throughout the season but never once complained or asked to sit out.  He will be greatly missed next year and the coaches wish him all the best.    

Junior Varsity “A” Baseball

Most Improved: Luke Napolitano

Luke Napolitano came into this season after a very competitive freshman season. While in competition with a sophomore last year, Luke hit .235 in limited action. He was motivated to become a better player all around and he did just that. Luke was the starting shortstop for the JV-A team and hit third in the lineup all season. He accumulated a .395 batting average and led the team in On-Base Percentage, RBI’s, and Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position (.588). In 58 plate appearances this season, Luke has only struck out 4 times! Luke will be a vital part of the future success of this program on the Varsity level.

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Frank Roder

The Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to a player who has done everything for the team this year. Offensively, Frank Roder hit .306 as a Designated Hitter most of the year with many crucial hits. As a pitcher, Frank achieved success in a way which many will forever remember. Frank had a 3-1 overall record as the ace of the staff. In 26 innings, Frank struck out 32 batters and only surrendered seven hits! He threw TWO consecutive no-hitters in league play and was the most dominant player on the mound in the league. Frank’s future is very bright for the baseball program at Kellenberg.

Most Valuable Player: Joe Braskey

Joe Braskey joined the JV-A team as a freshman last year and hit .375 while catching a majority of the league games. Joe came into this season motivated and determined to work harder and achieve greater success. He ended with a .462 batting average, accumulated 16 RBI’s in 15 games, and led the team in hits, singles, and doubles. Joe caught 14 of 15 games behind the plate and made it very difficult for opposing coaches to formulate a game plan on the base paths. We look forward to watching Joe’s continued success in the baseball program over the next two years.

Junior Varsity “B” Baseball

Most Improved: Aidan McGrory


As the old baseball adage goes, “Pitching wins the day,” and just about every time Aidan McGrory took the mound, the team came away victorious. A fierce competitor, Aidan possesses a great feel for the game. He is a blessing to the coaching staff, and great leader on and off the field. He was the team leader in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. He played a smooth second base and was among the team leaders in batting average.

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Andrew Cossu

Andrew Cossu is what the Commitment Award is all about. Andrew played most of the season out of position at third base, splitting time with his natural position, second base. Andrew knew that sacrificing his comfort and routine, which are every player’s most desirable commodities, would help to keep him in the lineup, and would help the team to win. When we asked him to move a few slots down in the lineup, Andrew wholeheartedly agreed, and he took his usual business-like approach, helping the team to win 2 huge league games. Andrew is an unquestionably great leader, a great student/athlete, and a clever young man who always kept the team loose with his hilarious personality.

Most Valuable Player: Aidan McGrory

As the old baseball adage goes, “Pitching wins the day,” and just about every time Aidan McGrory took the mound, the team came away victorious. A fierce competitor, Aidan possesses a great feel for the game. He is a blessing to the coaching staff, and a great leader on and off the field. He was the team leader in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. He played a smooth second base and was among the team leaders in batting average.

Boys Freshman Spring Track

Most Improved: Daniel Bermiss   

Daniel first came to track and field in the winter season and had some early difficulties with the techniques and the form associated with the shot put.  Daniel does possess the natural strength to throw the shot put a great distance, but his improvement in the technique and the form came with his added attention to learning about the sport outside of practice.  Studying the shot put and the discus throwing events over the winter break came in handy when he began the spring season.  Daniel added to our point scoring efforts at the Freshman Championship meets and we look forward to his continued improvement at the sophomore level.   

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Aidan Quinn

Aidan displayed true commitment from the moment the season started.  Aidan had the foundational training from the cross country and winter track seasons but he was eager to try new events like the steeplechase for example.  Aidan worked hard to earn a spot on the 4X800 meter relay where his commitment proved pivotal during the freshmen championships.  Where at this meet, Aidan feel during his leg of the relay, and when others runners would have fallen into a period of embarrassment and self-pity, Aidan got right up and continued to move the team into medal winning position which they were able to secure thanks to Aidan’s commitment to team success and not individual glory.  

Most Valuable Player: Ryan Whitlock

Ryan Whitlock was truly our most valuable performer throughout the season.  Ryan shows a very quiet demeanor on the track, but a great focus during workouts as well as relay and individual races on meet days.  Ryan won medals throughout the season in the 400 meters but his largest contribution came as the anchor of the 4X400 meter relay at both the NSCHSAA and CHSAA freshmen championships which earned he and the team valuable point scoring placement in our league standings. 

Girls Freshman Spring Track

Most Improved: Sydney Insall

This young lady utilized a background of cross country and winter track to continue to work hard and improve this spring season. She improved her 200 by a significant two seconds and her 100 by .53. She was a vital member of the 4×100 relay squad. We are proud to award Sydney Insall our MIP award for this season.

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Molly Simons

A tiger of a worker, this young woman defines persistence. She experimented with events all season, contributing her efforts to the team in the 800, the 1500, the 3000, even the 400. Yet she picked the most challenging event, the 2000 meter steeplechase, where her commitment to excellence and inner “moxie” showed itself. Her gallant stretch drive in the freshman-sophomore championships was valuable not only in her passing of her Sacred Heart rival and scoring for the team but of her visual “giving it all.” We are proud to award Molly Simons as our Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner.

Most Valuable Player: Claire O’Regan

This young lady all season long was not only “valuable” in her trying all events from the high hurdles to the jumps, to the 400, to the 100, to the Intermediate hurdles, but her daily dosage of hard, consistent work. A young woman of few words, but mighty actions, and a contagious smile, we are proud to award our MVP for this season to Claire O’Regan.

Girls Junior Varsity “A” Lacrosse

Most Improved: Emily Lampasone

The Most Improved Player Award goes to Emily Lampasone. Emily started off the season as one of our solid defensemen but quickly was asked to play midfield when the position needed to be filled. Without hesitation, Emily accepted the challenge of the new position and for the rest of the season worked day in and day out to learn all the ins and outs of a midfielder. She always put in maximum effort in practices and games and this enabled her to be one of the most versatile players on the field by the end of the season. 

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Rosie McCumiskey

Rosie McCumisky is the recipient of the Bernie Ward Commitment Award. She was always the first one at practice and the last one to leave. She was a role model to her younger teammates and led by example. She was the backbone to our defense and led the team in ground balls and steals. Her love for lacrosse was contagious and she always but the team above herself.

Most Valuable Player: Caitlin McDonough

The Most Valuable Player Award for the JVA Girls Lacrosse team goes to Caitlin McDonough. Caitlin worked all season long to become the best teammate, leader, and player that she could be. She was the type of player that a coach wants on the field for the whole game. She always gave 110% and pushed her teammates to rise to their potential. She was a defender’s nightmare with her offensive skills and finesse.

Girls Junior Varsity “B” Lacrosse

Most Improved: Julia Merz

This season’s most improved player is Julia Merz. Julia started off this season with very little lacrosse experience. Over the course of the season, she continued to grow not only as a lacrosse player but also as a strong leader on the team. Julia reads the game of lacrosse very well and has a natural ability to play the game. She was able to pick up aspects of lacrosse in a few short weeks, where it could take other players years to learn those same skills.  The coaches noticed that she improved after every single practice. Julia became a strong defender and started in a few of the games this season. She is a natural athlete who has a strong potential to be an amazing lacrosse player in the future. We are extremely proud of the player she has become, and we cannot wait to see her continue her lacrosse career here at Kellenberg.

Bernie Ward Commitment Award: Elizabeth Collins

This year’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner is Elizabeth Collins. This decision came very easily to the coaches. Liz was truly the unsung hero on this team. Although she is not a very vocal leader, she truly sets a perfect example for younger players. Liz was always one of the first on the field for practice and always one of the last ones off. She would make sure the field was clean after practice and that all the equipment was taken in. The coaches always knew she would step up if we asked. Liz started every game and was a strong leader on defense. She was the go to when a specific player had to be marked, and the coaches always went to her to lead the defense in pep talks.  Liz has grown into a strong lacrosse player over the last two years.  She always put the team before herself and defined what it means to be a Kellenberg athlete. Congratulations, Liz!

Most Valuable Player: Emily Acimovic

This season’s Most Valuable Player was Emily Acimovic. Emily has a natural talent for lacrosse. As a starting midfielder, Emily was a go-to player in most situations. Emily would beat players to ground balls and come up with the draws in tight situations. She was also a strong force on attack. Emily was not afraid to drive to the cage if it meant she could potentially score a goal. No matter what, Emily was always giving 110% on the field. As one of the leading goal scorers this season, the coaches always knew Emily could make something happen whenever she was on the field. Because of her ability to play both strong defense and attack, it was clear that she is the most valuable player. The coaches look forward to seeing Emily grow as a strong leader and player for the lacrosse program.