2014 Advent prayer reflection by Jason Galarza

Dec 16 2014

MT: 28-32
In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells a story of a man that has two
sons. The father asks the older son to go out and work in the
vineyard. The older son says no but later on changes his mind and does
the work anyway. Because the older son said no to his father, the
father asked the younger son. The younger son agreed to work in the
vineyard but did not work at all. At the end of this parable Jesus
asks the listeners “which of the two did his father as will?” This
simple Parable relates to everyday Catholics with their faith. There
are many times in our lives where we will say no to God but eventually
change our minds and follow his will. However, there are also times in
our every day lives that we tell God yes we will follow your well and
we get distracted and do not follow through with our word. So, the
question to reflect upon is, when are we following our fathers will?
Is it when we say yes and do nothing, or is it when we say no and have
a change of heart?