Advent Prayer Reflection by Patrick Graham

Dec 11 2016

December 11, 2016

Matthew 11; 2-11
Some three weeks have gone by now since the seniors sent out their applications to colleges for Regular Decision. Imagine the stress they, and more importantly, their parents have; they deserve all the rest they can get from the upcoming Christmas break.
These events can be compared to the Gospel reading for today. At the beginning of senior year, the parents were sure that their children were to attend a college in the following fall, just as John was sure that his cousin Jesus was the Messiah. But the grind and process led to some doubt. Jesus corrected John’s doubts: Christ had cured the blind, deaf, dead, lame, and leper. Just the same, the seniors have studied for and accomplished the SATs; visited, filter, and selected colleges; filled out the Common App; wrote however many essays; and asked Mrs. Carthy to send out the transcripts.
So now, the seniors need to exhaust their parents, for they are like John, the messenger, the forerunner, he who straightens the paths for the Lord. Their parents guided them to the selected schools, paid for the fees, and built a household conductive for education.