Advent Prayer Reflection by Paul Cooney

Dec 19 2015

December 19, 2015
LK 1:5-25

Today’s reading spoke of a priest named Zechariah and his barren wife, Elizabeth. Both of them were righteous in the eyes of God and God wanted to reward them with a child for their holiness. The angel Gabriel came down to Zechariah and told him that his wife would bear a son. Zechariah did not believe his words and as a result, he was made mute by Gabriel as punishment.
To me, this reading teaches us that we should never lose our trust in God. Zechariah questioned God’s ability to provide his barren wife with a son and in doing this, he was showing how little he trusted in God’s ability. As a result, Zechariah was punished for his lack of faith.
This can relate to us as modern Catholics because it’s very often that we question our trust in God. For example, it’s common for me to question whether my prayers are actually working. This lack of trust in God is exactly what this gospel is teaching us to avoid.