2014 Advent Prayer Reflection by Rachel Buzeta

Dec 25 2014

Luke 2:15-20
December 25th evokes joy because it is the culmination of the advent season, a period of earnest anticipation for the coming of our Lord. Christmas Day marks the birth of our Savior. It celebrates the moment when Christ ushered in light and hope into a darkened world. Foretold long before His arrival, Christ’s birth also marks the fulfillment of God’s promise to provide a Savior. It is one of the greatest signs of God’s love for us. Knowing the potential power and influence of Christ’s words and actions, God allowed His son to enter into a world that was harsh and unaccepting of Him. With the Three Magi presenting gifts and paying respects to the Baby Jesus, He is often associated with an image of a great king. Although He held the simple appearance of a mere baby, Christ was also God, the King of Heaven and Earth. With all of his almighty power, God still chose to come down to earth through the Baby Jesus. Through Christ’s birth and life we learned more about the depth of God’s unabating love for us.

Nowadays, Christmas Day is often only seen as a source of consumerism and another holiday that perpetuates materialism.
However, as Catholics, this day embodies so much more than crinkled wrapping paper or gift boxes strewn across a living room floor. As long as we fully comprehend the true meaning and purpose of Christmas Day, it will be celebrated properly and reverently without harping on the commercial idea of Christmas. We must remember that the arrival of Christ is one of the most important gifts ever given and the day should be spent in thanks to the Lord.