2013 Advent Reflection by Jenna Marsala

Dec 11 2013

Matthew 11: 28-30


In this Gospel, Jesus is relieving us of our burdens.  He instructs us to turn to Him in times of need, for he will provide us with rest.  For those who are going through troubled times, God will always be there for comfort.  There is a prayer in which a man is walking with God, and there are two sets of footprints.  However, during troubled times, the man notices that there was only one set of footprints.  The man immediately questions where God was, for that is when he needed God most yet God did not seem to be there.  God replies by telling the man that He was there; in fact, God was carrying the man through these hard times.  God will carry anyone through difficult times and bring relief for those in need.  We should place our trust in Him to help us through troublesome situations.