Bishop Murphy's Annual Visit to Kellenberg

Feb 07 2014

Article by Brian Faller, class of 2015:

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, Bishop William Murphy, the bishop of Rockville Centre, made his annual visit to Kellenberg Memorial High School. The bishop makes a trip to various Catholic schools each year around the same time. This year, his theme was faith, knowledge, and service. Bishop Murphy spoke to the students about the Catholic Church’s role in charity and service on Long Island.

In our society today, charity and selflessness can sometimes be hard to find. Oftentimes people get caught up in themselves or are “too busy” to give of themselves. The people of the Church, however, are on the other side of the spectrum. The Church is one of the largest donating services on Long Island. People are not giving their money, but their time. People are serving others as Christ wanted us to. Those who are hungry, homeless, and in need are being helped by the Catholic Church.

Bishop Murphy’s talk was an eye opener to me because I did not realize how much the people of the Church give their time and dedication to others. I am surprised not only that there are so many people that need help on Long Island, but also that so many people are willing to help them and give of themselves. Service to others is a practice that seemed to me to be dwindling, but the reality is just the opposite. This reality has renewed my faith in inherent human goodness. It is inspiring to hear that people are still motivated and dedicated enough to help others.

I am very glad that Bishop Murphy paid us a visit at Kellenberg. His talk reminded me how we as Catholics are called to live our lives for others. Service and devotion to the wellness of others are our goal and our calling. Jesus taught us through his life how to act and live our lives for others. I never expected to be reminded on that Tuesday about how to act and treat others; thanks to Bishop Murphy though, I was.