Boys Varsity Basketball Retreat at Founders Hollow

Jan 30 2017

Article by Gunyley Jean-Pierre ’12:

Over this past weekend, the Boys Varsity Basketball team took a trip to Founders Hollow Retreat House. This retreat is an annual event that has been going on since Coach McCutcheon took over the basketball program. During the retreat, the team participated in many personal and group activities which were designed to create better team chemistry.

The team started the retreat off interacting with one another after a long three-hour bus ride. We were then informed by Coach McCutcheon and Coach Lyons that we would be going to the chapel for a prayer service with Fr. Phillip, the President of Kellenberg Memorial High School. The prayer service was a spiritual experience. Senior captain Liam McAdams said, “I realized we are more than a team, we are a family and we prayed together just like a family”. After the prayer service, we enjoyed a nice home cooked meal, that was prepared by the assistant coach Don Defino, a master chef who shared great delight in preparing delicious meals throughout the retreat.

On Monday, the team started the day off with another prayer service led by Fr. Phillip. Following the prayer service, we proceeded to have breakfast. After breakfast, it was time for reflection. Fr. Philip led a discussion on talents and how to understand and acknowledge our inner feelings. Coach McCutcheon and Coach Lyons then held individual sessions for all seventeen members of the team on the topic of “Who Am I”. Afterwards, junior forward Erik Gregg remarked, “I feel as if my bond with both coaches is much stronger knowing I can talk to them about anything now.”

After an amazing retreat, every member of the team along with the coaches woke up bright and early to clean the retreat house so it would be immaculate for the next group of students and teachers. On the bus ride home the team laughed about the many great experiences and memories that were made at Founders Hollow. The team also talked strategy for their upcoming game against St. Mary’s High School and their season going forward. Every member of the team had a good time and felt much closer with each other at the conclusion of the retreat. If the retreat could be summed up in one word it would be magical.