Class of 2017 Celebrates Junior Spirit Day

May 31 2016

Article by Maggie Matassa (’17):

On Monday, May 23, the class of 2017 held its Junior Spirit Day at Coleman Country Day Camp in Merrick. At 8:30 in the morning, 470 juniors packed themselves onto buses, and we began our day of fun. We arrived and entered the main hall, where camp director Big Bob introduced himself, the counselors and explained to us how the day would go. From there, each homeroom visited a different activity. All morning, we spent about an hour each participating in activities like basketball, volley ball, soccer, kickball, and gaga ball. There was a rock climbing wall and karaoke, too! Even the teachers joined in; you saw Mr. Moran diving and dodging in the gaga pit, Mrs. Finn shooting a goal on the soccer field, and Mr. Murphy and Mr. Basile singing “Sweet Caroline.” At noon, we all gathered again to eat lunch and talk about our morning activities.

After lunch, we were allowed to return to any sport we had enjoyed for the rest of the day. Until 2:30, juniors ran around playing frisbee, swimming in the pool, and climbing the rock wall. Before the end of the day, we all gathered one last time on the big field to have the Junior Tug-of-War. Each homeroom strategically placed their strongest members. There was silence as Big Bob blew his whistle, and, one by one, each homeroom was either victorious or defeated. In the end, Homeroom 11F came out the champion and was dubbed the strongest junior homeroom. At last, it was time to return home, and all the juniors, sunburned and tired, piled back onto the buses to go back to Kellenberg. Junior Spirit Day was a fun-filled, exciting day in which the juniors bonded as a class and spent time enjoying each other’s company.