Dr. James McBrien ’89 Serves as Guest Speaker at Communion Breakfast

Apr 27 2017

On Sunday, April 2nd, the Kellenberg Memorial community gathered for the 30th Annual Communion Breakfast for grades 6, 7, 8, and 9. Mass was concelebrated by Father Thomas Cardone, S.M. and Father Albert Bertoni, S.M.

The guest speaker for the breakfast portion of the event was Dr. James McBrien ’89, who serves as President of Kellenberg Memorial’s Alumni Association Board. Dr. McBrien and his wife, Cathy, are proud parents of Firebird alumna, Audrey ’15, current student, Aidan ’20, Cavan (9), and Evelyn (7). Having been a student during the time of Kellenberg Memorial’s founding in 1987, Dr. McBrien shared a unique perspective on the ongoing functional improvements and beautification of the campus. As a student worker, Dr. McBrien was responsible for many projects around campus, perhaps the most recognizable of which is the creation of the wood podiums which still remain in all of the classrooms.

Dr. McBrien reflected on the importance of the constant improvements around campus, saying, “Early on in the life of the school I remember hearing Fr. Philip state that ‘atmosphere educates.’ This idea was a driving force for beautifying the campus grounds and buildings while also ensuring a civil, orderly, and respectful atmosphere in our classrooms and halls. Over the years we have witnessed the continued improvements around the campus, and I believe that this atmosphere continues to educate and lift the minds, hearts, and spirits of our students.”

Dr. McBrien has served as President of Kellenberg Memorial’s Alumni Association Board since its formation in 2014. He stated, “Besides assisting in laying the foundation for a large and vibrant Alumni Association, I am happy to share that I am still making new friends and acquaintances, but now from different class years. Our experiences are similar or different to greater degrees depending on which time period we came through Kellenberg, but all of us are committed to the success of our alma mater which provides an outstanding experience for those seeking a rigorous college prep curriculum in harmony with a practiced and living faith in Jesus Christ and His Church.”

If you are interested in learning more about Kellenberg Memorial’s Alumni Association, please visit kellenberg.org/alumni.