Freshman gather to "Let FAITH Arise"

Oct 18 2013

Article by Alice Tartaro, class of 2017:

Undefeatable! That is how I would describe the Kellenberg spirit on October 16. Each 9th grade homeroom chanting and calling out in excitement, waiting for the games to begin. But before we could compete for the coveted freshman homeroom trophy, we had to do some spiritual bonding as a whole.

First, we watched a movie called Facing the Giants which was extremely motivating and emotional. After the lights were turned on, there were tear-streaked faces and sniffling noses all throughout the homerooms. It was amazing to see how many people were touched by this inspiring movie.

After the move, we all moved down into the gym with a spring in our step, because we all knew what came next. It was time to sing with Mrs. Zider! Singing some Kellenberg classics; such as, “Open The Eyes of My Heart”, “Just Like You”, and “Sweet Redeemer”, the stands were filled with smiling faces. We all lifted out hands when Chris Tomlin came on; and when the songs “Who Am I” and “You Are Holy” played over the speakers, each and every 9th grader gave all they had, filling the gym with harmony and joy.

When it came time for Mass, everyone settled down, but no one could contain their excitement for the music, their excitement for the games, but most importantly, their excitement for God. Bro. Michael explained to us how to receive the Blessed Sacrament properly, and after, Fr. Tom began his preaching.

We ended Mass with the “Salve Regina,” and the whole gym echoed with enthusiasm. Before we knew it, it was time to get changed and eat lunch.

When all of the homerooms walked out onto the turf, it was an explosion of excitement and color. The air was thick with competition as each homeroom battled each other for the winning title. Playing games; such as, volleyball, kickball, tug-of-war, crab soccer, and a Kellenberg classic, A-ball, there were both gleeful and defeated shouts in the air.

At the end of the day, all of the 9th grade homerooms gathered in the gym. Seeing the sweat-streaked but smiling faces, the teachers looked around in satisfaction knowing that today was a success.

An outsider looking in on these festivities would say this day was about competition and trying to see which homeroom was the “Best Homeroom,” but everyone here at Kellenberg knows the truth. While we did go outside and play, we were all coming together as a team, as a homeroom, and as a school, both physically and spiritually. This day was about getting to know, not only each other, but God.

Undefeatable! That is how I would describe the Kellenberg spirit on October 16, 2013. But when I say “spirit,” I don’t mean the spirit for our homerooms, I mean the spirit that we have for embracing God. The spirit we have for embracing knowledge. But most importantly, the spirit we have for embracing each other. And that’s what Kellenberg is about! The undefeatable spirit we have for knowledge for God and for each other.


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