Girls Varsity Basketball: A Team Who Prays Together Stays Together

Dec 03 2013

Article by Lindsey Ehrhardt, Class of 2015

On November 24 through 26, the Kellenberg Memorial High School Girls Varsity Basketball team visited Founders Hollow, the Marianist retreat house in upstate New York. During that time, we had our retreat in hope of growing spiritually and physically together. The main focuses were to come together as a unit and to realize our strengths and weaknesses as a team and as individuals; how we can better the team, and how we can be there for one another on and off the court. The activities planned for us forced us to step out of our comfort zones, allowing us to get more familiar with ourselves and with our teammates, but these activities were not the only things that helped us grow together. Prayer served as an important factor as well. “A team who prays together stays together,” was the motto of the retreat. We attended Mass on Sunday afternoon, which was celebrated by Fr. Philip, as well as morning prayer, evening prayer, and adoration. We ended the last night of the retreat with adoration, which gave us time to reflect on the time we had together at Founders Hollow and realize how close we had become as a team. This retreat inspired each and every member of the Girls Varsity Basketball team to become a better spiritual leader, teammate, and friend.



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