Gregorian Consortium Pays Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Sep 20 2013

Article by Natalie Gallego, Class of 2015

The members of Gregorian Consortium, one of the liturgical choirs at Kellenberg, came together for an overnight faith experience in Emmanuel, Kellenberg’s retreat house. The retreat began on the night of Tuesday, September 10th accompanied by Mr. Alex Basile, Miss Christine Solimeno, and Mr. Matthew Bursig, the moderators of the group. The students ate dinner together and then participated in a group discussion about their spiritual and secular musical influences. Right before bed, everyone entered the chapel for evening adoration. “I really loved singing in the chapel because it felt so peaceful. It was great to be in prayer with all of Gregorian and focus on the Blessed Sacrament,” said junior Gabrielle Harvey.

Early the next morning, the members of Gregorian took a bus to Point Lookout to sing on the beach at the 9/11 Sunrise Memorial. The service was run by Town Supervisor Kate Murray, and featured interactive twin tower replicas where people could write the names of loved ones and messages. Senior Tom Laskowski reflected on the experience. “Singing at the memorial was our way of saying thanks to all those who gave their lives for our freedom. It was an honor to be a part of such a moving ceremony.” After the memorial service, the students enjoyed breakfast on the beach before returning to Emmanuel. Everyone gathered to watch “Going My Way”, a Bing Crosby film. The movie was a perfect portrayal of how one can use the talents given to them by God, and make it a vocation aimed at serving others. After eating lunch and singing one more time, the students left Emmanuel. The retreat certainly left the members of Gregorian feeling closer as a group and more understanding of the vocation of music ministry.


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