Gregorian Consortium Performs at 9/11 Memorial in Point Lookout

Sep 12 2016

As the sun was rising on Sunday, September 11th, 2016, 40 Kellenberg Memorial students from grades 9 through 12 were gathering at Town Park in Point Lookout to take part in the Town of Hempstead’s September 11th Memorial Service. Under the direction of Mr. Alex Basile, the students are members of the Gregorian Consortium, Kellenberg Memorial’s liturgical music group.

Junior Anna Gallego, who has taken part in this annual tradition since freshman year, reflects on the experience, saying, “I was so honored to be there to sing during the event. A lot of great people spoke about their losses and experiences, and it made me realize that even in pain we all come together to celebrate the lives of those who were lost. I am proud of how united our country can become in times of difficulty.”

Similarly touched by her second year signing at the service, Junior Kailee Alberto says, “I am honored that I have been given the opportunity to once again sing at the September 11th Memorial Service. At a somber event such as this, people need to turn to God for guidance and comfort. The members of Kellenberg’s Gregorian Consortium are able to offer this to them through song.”

Mr. Basile reflected on the Gregorian Consortium’s participation in the solemn annual event, saying, “We are proud to be part of such an important event. Faith must be part of the grieving and healing experience. The memorial is unusual for a public event because of the outward expression of belief in our Creator. We are honored to share our music with those who attend this service. So many people thank us for singing. They are impressed by the Kellenberg students and the way they express their faith.”