Gregorian Consortium Releases 25th CD, "From The Cross To Glory"

Nov 20 2015

Article by Maria Giamanco ’16:

This November, the Gregorian Consortium released their twenty-fifth CD, “From the Cross to Glory.” The Gregorian Consortium is Kellenberg Memorial High School’s liturgical choir. It consists of about 40 students ranging from grades nine to twelve, who supply the music at school Masses, prayer services, and various events throughout the year. Gregorian’s mission is to help enhance the prayer life of those who hear their music and help people feel united with the spirit of God through song. Music is a powerful medium in the lives of many. The group is fortunate enough to have a place to produce music from right here at Kellenberg, St. Cecilia’s Recording Studio. Members of Gregorian spend numerous hours each year in the studio going through the recording process, perfecting and putting soul into each line of every song. The end result is a beautiful CD that Kellenberg is able to distribute free of charge to all its students and parents.

Our hope is that the CD is brought home to be shared with friends and family.  Many find that this CD is a great vehicle to aid in prayer and allow our focus to fall on Jesus amidst the hectic pace of everyday life.  Let the music fill your home, car, or anywhere you go.  We hope you enjoy “From the Cross to Glory.”