Junior Juliana Smith Reflects on the Catholic Experience Program

Jul 11 2019

Eucharist– The Table of Plenty
Article by Juliana Smith ’21

On June 30, 75 rising juniors and I arrived at Kellenberg to experience four days filled with fun, friendship, and growing in our faith.

Sunday night upon arrival, we gathered together for Mass. Receiving the Eucharist together gave us a good foundation for the duration of camp.

When arriving at the Bruderhof, we immediately felt a welcoming sense of community. Some students pulled weeds while others prepared lunch. Before we ate together in the dining hall, they sang a song of thanksgiving, that displayed the great faith they had. At the water park, we relaxed and had a great time with our friends.

Monday night, Father James Hansen, a priest from my parish and Kellenberg alumnus, joined us at adoration and read the story of Emmaus, the only passage in the Gospel of Luke that people walk away from Jerusalem and towards Emmaus. While reading he faced the Eucharist and spoke to Christ. I found it really amazing that we were all in the presence of Jesus. Mr. O’Brien then went to explain how “Emmaus is in all of us.”

The 9/11 Memorial Museum was a truly humbling experience and a great way to pay tribute to those affected by that day. It really helped me understand the true devastation of September 11th, since I was not alive on this day. I saw displays of true heroism and sacrifice which I’ll never forget.

The Eucharist was a consistent theme throughout the few days. When we went into Saint Peter Church we immediately walked in on adoration. This not being planned showed me how wherever I go Jesus is always present.

We ended the experience in worship by heading to Madison Square Garden for a Hillsong United concert. I truly felt the presence of God in that stadium filled with people of faith.

These few days not only left me with new friendships and a deeper understanding of the Eucharist as the table of plenty, but it instilled in me how Christ is everywhere we go and in everyone we meet.

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