Latin School CROSS Visits the Residents of the Sunrise

Dec 23 2016

On Thursday, December 22, members of Latin School C.R.O.S.S. continued their yearly tradition of Christmas caroling at the conclusion of trimester exams.  After the English exam, about 40 CROSS students got together for a brief rehearsal before heading to a lunch of pizza in the cafeteria.  Then, with red hats, some sleigh bells, and even a few reindeer antlers, they headed on a walk to The Sunrise.  The Sunrise residents were gathered in the main reception area and CROSS members (who were a particularly enthusiastic and musical group) entertained the residents and visiting guests for about 45 minutes.  After ending with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” the students circulated among the residents and personally wished them “Merry Christmas.”  Upon their return to school, all enjoyed a snack of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate before heading home for Christmas vacation!  The Latin School students and The Sunrise residents have enjoyed their visits with each other this trimester (a previous visit took place at the end of October) and the Christmas caroling remains one of the favorite and most rewarding CROSS events of the year!