Lenten Prayer Reflection by Julie Scuderi

Mar 14 2015

John 3:7B-15
In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains to Nicodemus, the teacher of Israel, that he must be reborn. Not literally of course, because that would be physically impossible, and quite uncomfortable for both Nicodemus and his mother. Jesus is speaking of a spiritual rebirth, through Baptism. He says that if we are spiritually renewed, we will be able to lift the Son of Man up to Heaven, and achieve eternal life for ourselves. This spiritual renewal is not just Baptism: it is a life lived in the spirit. If we live with the Holy Spirit as our guide, we will not be afraid. We must give up our illusion of control and let Christ guide us in everything we do, relying on his grace to give us strength. As Catholics, we should view Lent as a spiritual renewal, to cleanse us in preparation for the Resurrection of our Savior.