Lenten Prayer Reflection by Maeve DeGennaro

Mar 05 2017
MT 4:1-11
     In today’s Gospel, Jesus is tempted by the devil. This story is a story familiar to all of us. After spending forty days and forty nights in the desert, fasting and praying, the devil comes to tempt Jesus. The devil tells Jesus to turn stone to bread and command himself off the top of a temple if he is God. Jesus responds to both of these request with quotes from Scripture. Lastly Satan takes Jesus to the top of a hill to look at the city and Satan offers him it all if Jesus will worship him. At this Jesus commands Satan away and angels surround him.
    This Gospel calls us all to say no to Satan’s temptations. There are always things around us that tempt us to turn away from God and do something that would please the devil. We are called, with this gospel, to be strong like Jesus and have the courage to say no to Satan’s temptations.