Lenten prayer reflection by Melissa Greubel

Mar 19 2015

Mt 1:16, 18-21,24A
During Lent, we have the option to be more open and trusting of God. We are called to pray and ask God for advice on any of our problems and for assistance to get through any problems that we may face. In this Gospel we see Joseph, husband of Mary, asking God for help in the difficult situation that he was in according to the standards of his time. God told Joseph that it was the right thing to take in Mary, no matter how other people view the situation or judge them. We can relate to this in our own lives because we too must reach out to our peers even if we think that everyone else will judge or make fun. No one should be left out or judged based on what they did because you never know their whole story and what could’ve happened to get them to that point.