Lenten Prayer Reflection by Patrick Graham

Apr 01 2017

JN 7: 40-53

Life is a confusing journey towards Heaven, one can get tripped up on the truth, on the authorities, and on morality. The crowds gathered were unsure of Jesus, whether he was the Savior (political or Messianic), or another prophet – one to set straight the Jews.

When the debaters went to the priests and Pharisees, the austere theological Chiefs, they were shamed by the Pharisees. The priests were so high and mighty, thinking that what they say goes. They told off the crowds, telling the that whatever they say is what is to be believed.

Nicodemus, knowing the truth, asked for a fair trial of Jesus, to examine his purpose for the Jews. NIcodemus followed the truth and his conscience, which ultimately led to faith in Jesus as the savior from our wrongs.